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Assembly of Multinary Colloidal Systems in a Centrifugal Field

2017-07-07 Louis Sieuwpublished paper

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Louis Sieuw, Bruno Ernould, Jean-François Gohy & Alexandru Vlad

Published: 07 July 2017


The electrochemistry of poly(2,5-dihydroxyaniline) (PDHA), a novel hybrid molecular configuration with redox active sites and electrical charge conduction along the polymer chain, has been recently reported. The theoretical capacity of this material is estimated at 443 mAh g−1, with high power performances being proposed given the intrinsic electrical conductivity. However, the initial results were below the expectations: only half the theoretical capacity attained, poor cycling stability and modest power behavior calling for further investigations on improving these performances. Herein we detail the optimized chemical synthesis and electrode formulation for poly(2,5-dihydroxyaniline) resulting in improved cycling stability, power performances and defined electrochemical response. We also detail the alternative electrochemical synthesis and activation route for PDHA and compare the results with the chemical approach.

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