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Assembly of Multinary Colloidal Systems in a Centrifugal Field

2017-05-11 Mengdi Chendissertation

University of Konstanz Original LINK at University of Konstanz

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Mengdi Chen, University of Konstanz

Year: 2017

Degree Name: Natural Sciences


Colloidal systems are ubiquitously found in both natural environment and industrial process, e.g. blood, toothpaste and paint. The colloidal systems consisting of particles uniform in size and shape from ca. 10 nm to 1000 nm have been considered and used as a model system to explore the atomic world since the work of Albert Einstein2 and Jean Baptiste Perrin. Over the years, colloidal systems have been of tremendous interest in relation to a wide range of scientific questions, including phase transitions, fundamental problems of kinetics of crystallization, and the physics of nucleation and growth.

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