X2 Lab

Your reliable partner in research.

About X2lab

X2 Lab Pte Ltd is a Singapore based company incorporated in year 2009.

We are specialized in equipment and materials used in Lithium-ion Battery research. With the aim to be a one-stop supplier in this field, we’ve built up a strong network with various suppliers all over the world. Besides providing service to local customers, we have also served international customers. Our design of nutlock-type cell for Lithium-ion and Lithium-O2 (Li Air) battery are widely used in many research institutes.

In year 2020, we extended our business to offer software development/solutions. And our company name was changed from X2 Labwares Pte Ltd to X2 Lab Pte Ltd. All business/bank/contact (email/telephone/fax) information remains the same.

Our Vision:

To be an Organization of Excellence that contributes to knowledge discovery and technology advancement.

Our Mission:

To delight our valued customers with quality products and services.

Our Values:

  • Quality Products
  • Dedicated Service
  • Responsibility and Commitment
  • Dynamic and Teamwork